California Charcoal & Firewood specializes in high quality cooking woods and natural charcoal for maximum flavors and high or low heat cooking.

The woods we specialize in are Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Walnut, Olive, Almond, and other nut and fruitwoods.

Although our primary focus is the food-service industry, we also provide Natural Mesquite Charcoal for mass merchandisers, as well as high-quality Alpine Softwood and Premium Hardwood Firewood bundles.

All our woods are seasoned and sized for most cooking operations and available in convenient bags 38-45 lbs, for most types. Our natural charcoals are made from 100% Mesquite wood or a 100% Oak and Hickory wood blend.


(Logs are double split into apoprox. 3 inch width and are 16-18 inches long)

Our most popular package is our clean, easy to handle polypropylene bag, with approximately 38-45 lbs and 1.7 to 1.9 cu ft., depending on the wood. Also available in bulk on some woods, a half-cord of seasoned wood per pallet.

MESQUITE WOOD – Strong woodsy flavor and aroma; high heat and low flames with long burning good coals; best used in grills, ovens, and smokers – called the “Queen of BBQ Wood”.

HICKORY WOOD – Strong, sweet flavor and aroma but milder than Mesquite; low flames, long lasting heat from large coals; great for grills, ovens, and smokers – called the “King of BBQ Wood”.

OAK WOOD – Strong flavor and aroma, but milder than Mesquite or Hickory; low flames, long lasting heat from large coals, it’s great for grills, ovens, and smokers.

ALMOND WOOD – A milder flavor and aroma than any of the above woods; very high heat and good flames; good coals lasting for adequate time to allow grilling in ovens and broilers; excellent for ovens due to the high heat and flames.

WALNUT WOOD – A medium strong aroma, with mild flavor; high heat and high flames; good coals; recommended for ovens.

OLIVE WOOD – The highest heat and the highest flames, good coals after a long wait for the flames to die out. Unique olive oil flavor imparted to certain foods; recommended for ovens.

FRUIT WOOD – Usually a blend of Nectarine and Peach woods with Apple, Plum, or Almond wood logs included; high heat and good flames, a mild, delicate flavor and aroma; recommended for ovens, grills, and smokers.

Wood Smoking Chips

Designed for all smoking applications, our wood chips are from Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Cherry and other woods. They are sized to ¼ inch x ¾ inch x 2 inches to provide the maximum surface area for expelling smoke flavors when dampened and fired. Our packages are 30 lb polypropylene bags.

Fire Starters for All Wood and Charcoal Fires

All Natural Wood Dust & Wax: Best for any wood or charcoal fire starts. Safe, easy solid starters, use 2 or 3 per fires start, no spills of dangerous liquids.

100% NATURAL MESQUITE CHARCOAL: A very hot charcoal, with long lasting heat and strong woodsy aroma and smoky flavor, good for all meats, fish or poultry where stronger smoke flavor is desired. POPULAR CHOICE

Nature Glo Foodservice Special Charcoal Briquets: Formulated for easy start, high heat and ease of use with Hickory wood added for flavor; a larger briquette for longer cooking heat and inexpensive to use —–by Royal Oak.

ROYAL OAK Mesquite Charcoal Briquets: Mesquite Wood particles added for increased flavor and pleasant starting aroma, high heat, long lasting.

CHEF’S BEST Charcoal Briquets: by Royal Oak. Hardwood charcoal briquets for best performance, high heat and long lasting qualities. The choice of professional barbecue cooks.


Marvin’s Premium Alpine Firewood – made from Lodgepole or Ponderosa Pine from Ecologically Managed Forestland – a Renewable Resource! Or Premium Hardwood Firewood Bundles primarily Oak, Eucalyptus and Ash wood.

  • Easy to start and provides bright, cheery flames• Exceptionally Clean Burning with less residue than many other woods.
  • The 0.7 cu ft label on each bundle (0.65 for Hardwood) allows for different governmental Weights and Measures measuring techniques (in most jurisdictions our bundle measures 0.8 cu ft )
  • Rope Handle provides customer convenience and burns up cleanly with no odor as contrasted to a plastic handle. (See above)
  • Plastic stretch wrap around the bundle with open ends allows the wood to “breathe” eliminating mold and other problems that might be encountered in storage.
  • An exceptionally clean appearance looks neat on the shelf and appeals to consumers. The nature of the business is that product tends to sell slowly until it is promoted or until the weather (rain, cold) accelerates the sales. It is very negative to have poor looking product moving slowly.
  • A neat, compact pallet of 48 bundles allows warehouse and transportation systems efficient handling and provides stores with 48 unit sales per pallet (14 sq ft of floor).

“La Parrilla” 7 lbs of Natural MESQUITE CHARCOAL

This charcoal is perfectly sized for home use.

  • Natural Mesquite Charcoal provides a hot, flavorful and unique cookout option.
  • Used by itself or with Flavor Wood Logs or Flavor Wood Chips, the results will be excellent.

So whether you are a home chef, a distributor, a restaurant or retailer looking for the best quality cooking fuel products, you will be delighted with our superior products, our low prices, and our excellent customer service.

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